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Do You Know How to Breathe?


The breath of life means exactly what it says: To breathe is to live; not to breathe is to die. A human can exist without food for weeks, go without water for days, but one can’t exist for more than a few minutes without air! This fact is so obvious and breathing is so automatic that most people take it for granted. Yet, do you really know how to breathe? Stop and think about it. Do you really know how your lungs function? Do you use these
marvelous organs to their fullest? The way you use your lungs controls your life, your health, your looks, your energy, your resistance to disease – your very life span!

As health specialists with over a century of combined effort, we have developed techniques for measuring mental and physical energy in humans. Everyone lives at a certain rate of vibration. The human body is capable of reaching a high vibration energy level; unfortunately many never master what it takes to achieve this. Why? Because only a few know how to generate, utilize and replenish their full capacity of body and mind energy! High vibration energy people are doers and achievers. They display seemingly inexhaustible vitality and stamina, creative power and/or athletic ability of the highest quality. They never seem to tire. They perform mental and physical tasks without strain or excessive emotion. To high vibration achievers, everything seems easy and effortless because they have more vital power!