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Nature’s Way to Healthy, Strong and Happy Feet


The Basics of Foot Functions
Almost all of us are born with perfect feet. It’s the abuse millions give their feet that makes them limp into adulthood crying, “My aching feet are killing me!” The foot is a complex, elegant and delicately balanced miracle mechanism. Perfect balance is essential
to foot comfort, and maintenance of this balance depends upon healthy natural foot function and a healthy body. Almost all types of shoes made disturb the delicate balance of the feet, some to the extent that they cannot endure the jars and missteps in addition to walking on the hard city streets which can also upset the normal foot function. This results in either tension or locking of the joints, painful strain in the arches, muscles and limitation of foot motion or a combination of these disturbances. The direct consequence is a growing discomfort: aches and pains in feet, legs, knees, thighs and back!