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Praises for BUILD POWERFUL NERVE FORCE Book and The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle


How I beat cancer, obesity, diabetes, strep and three herniated disks and excruciating pain? The answer was
changing to the Bragg’s Healthy Lifestyle and also doing the Super Breathing Exercises. It changed and saved my life! I had full recovery and also lost 70 lbs. I received a new life and that is just the beginning because my manhood returned that was lost to diabetes – now that’s exciting! On my trip to Honolulu, Hawaii I visited the famous free Bragg Exercise Class at Waikiki Beach. I became so regenerated with a wonderful new viewpoint towards living my healthy lifestyle that I now live in Hawaii. I’m invigorated with new energy for life and living! My new purpose for living is to help others reclaim their health rights! I also want the world to join The Bragg Health Crusade. I am deeply thankful to Paul and Patricia for my happy, healthy life! – Len Schneider, Hawaii