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Your Precious Body And the Body’s Miraculous Life Pump – Your Heart

(Excerpt from HEALTHY HEART)

Suppose a magician suddenly appeared before you and promised you a marvelous machine which could run itself, direct itself, repair itself, perform remarkable mental and physical feats . . . and would last for about 120 years (Genesis 6:3) and maybe more. Would you treasure such a machine? Of course you would! You would
keep it in top condition in order to obtain and enjoy a maximum of service. Daily you would be astonished anew by the performance of this miracle-machine! True, this is an age of computers, biotechnology and other modern mechanical, scientific and outer space marvels. Remember that the supreme tribute we can
pay to any machine is to say, It is almost human. Now, stop and think! Our Creator has presented you with the world’s most miraculous machine – your own body! This incredible factory has its own non-stop motor (the heart), its own fueling system (the digestive system), its own human filtration system (the kidneys), its own thinking computer (brain and nervous system), and its
own temperature controls (sweat glands), etc.