2021 Advice: Be Kind to Yourself

🌈🌟Our heath advice for easing into 2021? Relentless kindness — to yourself! ☺️
☑️ Relentless kindness embraces a healthy, gentle attitude regarding self-care, and a compassionate perspective of what we truly need right now.
🚫 It doesn’t mean over-indulging in sugar and junk food, but focuses on things we all can do to renew our spirit and lift our mood.
🙏The stress, tension and losses of last year have taken a toll on all of us. Included in our mission of health and wellness is the understanding that sometimes, we just need to stop and take a breath. Before embarking on an ambitious new fitness regime or diet changes, ask yourself, “Have I done anything just for me lately?”
For so many, due to Covid restrictions or family obligations, the answer is “not much!” Statistics show that’s particularly true for women, who have done the lion’s share of multi-tasking home and career responsibilities during this pandemic.
So, if you’re wondering what you can do to feel energized and replenished, particularly if you’re home-bound, we have some suggestions:
1️⃣ Take a long bath with epsom salts or essential oil. Let your family know you’re unavailable during this time.
2️⃣ Go for a brisk walk, and let those endorphins energize your body & soul.
3️⃣ If you’re craving companionship, schedule a phone call with a dear friend.
4️⃣ If you need some alone time, plan an hour to read, watch a movie or just daydream by yourself, turn your phone off!
❤️ If 2020 brought you painful life transitions and losses, Patricia and I want you to know our arms are around you. Because it was a challenging year for so many, we are focusing this month on the theme of relentless kindness to ones’ self, before we care for others, as our number one health agenda.
🌈 I learned from nearly forty years’ in practice that slow, consistent changes over time translate to an enormous shift in one’s quality of life. So, don’t for a minute believe that you have to eat “perfectly” every day to achieve your goals; it isn’t true! However, if you can take some time today to do something you enjoy, the benefits are massive and immediate.
👉 What are your favorite “treats” for renewing your spirit?

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