Do you suffer from Inflammation?

Do you suffer with swollen ankles, joint pain or belly bloat? These are all symptoms of inflammation, which is the source of all chronic conditions — and the root cause of every major illness.

The good news is, you don’t have to live with discomfort, pain and swelling! The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle targets healing inflammation with these simple steps:

1. Replace processed food with fresh, and organic whenever possible. There are even frozen meals created with organic products, when you don’t have time too cook! Processed foods are packed with sugar, salt, chemicals and preservatives, all enemies of health and ageless beauty.

2. Stay hydrated! Dehydration is a major cause of inflammation. Add sugar-free electrolytes to your water to make sure that your body is absorbing the liquids you drink.

3. Fast with vegetable juices, bone broth or vegetable broth 24 hours each week. Liquid nourishment days, which we call “Fasting Lite” is also amazingly effective for reducing inflammation. Substitute protein drinks and blended soups for solid food and give your digestion a rest! Be sure to include detox protocols on your fasting days such as saunas, salt baths and colon cleansing.

4) Love up your lymphatic system, which runs from your head to your toes and is in charge of inflammatory responses in your body. Dry skin brush, bounce gently on a mini-trampoline or treat yourself to a visit with a lymphatic therapist for a professional treatment. You will find it so relaxing and rejuvenating!

5) Pre-Order your copy of “Revolutionary Beauty,” (link in bio) which provides clear, easy tools and practices for reducing inflammation, and first-person stories to inspire you to prioritize yourself and reduce stress — the number one cause of inflammation!

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Julia Loggins