Healthy Food Overview

What are the simple, basic rules of healthy eating? Here are five tricks and tips to make your choices easy and confusion-free:

  1. For high energy and brain power, include protein in every meal. Protein is the antidote to sugar and carb cravings! Choose fresh, natural protein, such as organic eggs, chicken, wild caught fish, nuts, seeds and beans. 
  2. When possible, buy organic. Pesticides and chemicals harm our immune system and play havoc with hormones, and can lead to depression and anxiety. 
  3. Prepare for the snack attack! Snack on sugar-free protein shakes, nut butter on apples and celery, hummus or guacamole with jicama and carrots instead of chips; and stay hydrated! 
  4.  Wheat causes allergies, digestive issues and pounds that won’t budge; go gluten-free! Enjoy quinoa, oats, rice and buckwheat  
  5. Lunchboxes are not just for kids! Never leave home without healthy snacks, water, protein bars, fresh fruit or leftovers in a thermos or cooler. It’s so much easier to walk by the donut shop (without stopping) when we’re satiated. 
  6. And the most important tip of all: Love yourself no matter what. Every day is a new day! Self-love is the key to healthy choices. Will power has nothing to do with it!  


Julia Loggins