Meet Revolutionary Beauty Cheri Clampett

Therapeutic Yoga is a particularly effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. It combines restorative yoga, breath work, hands-on healing and guided meditation in a gentle yet effect way that brings the body into balance and reduces stress. Soft-spoken and radiantly beautiful, Cheri looks the same as when I first met her 30 years ago!

Her own experience with healing cancer and teaching yoga to HIV and AIDS patients led her to developing this unique form of yoga. She now teaches trainings for those who, in her words, “want to become certified, and share healing through this beautiful practice that brought me back to myself.”

About “Revolutionary Beauty,” Cheri says:
“I feel like women desperately need the information that you’re sharing, because there needs to be a voice speaking through the quagmire of negative messaging about aging. Of course we want to feel our best. We want to look beautiful and love how we look.  My mentor, Laura Huxley, used to say, ‘Why do we think of self-care as selfish? Women are taught that taking care of yourself is selfish, but it is the opposite. You’re not only doing it for yourself, but for everyone around you. Self-Care is the gift you give to the people who love you.” 

Read Cheri’s interview in “Revolutionary Beauty,” available for pre-order now, link in bio. Cheri, thank you for your dedication to healing pain and suffering through simple practices and self-love. You are an earth angel; I love you!


Julia Loggins