Meet Revolutionary Beauty Malea Rose!

Revolutionary Beauty Malea Rose is a shining example of the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle! A self-proclaimed “Bragg baby,” Malea’s mother started the first health food store on Kauai, stocked with the Bragg products that Malea still enjoys.

 As brilliant and hard-working as she is beautiful, Malea created and founded an incredible line of natural beauty products, Vie En Rose Beauty. ( Her Mile High Mist and Love Potion oil are the only moisturizers I use, and one of the simple steps of daily skin care that we recommend in “Revolutionary Beauty.” Never greasy, they are perfect for all skin types — especially sensitive skin! 

On her website, Malea explains the three main causes of aging: dehydration, damage from free radicals and inflammation. She says, “We take your mind, body and skin to new heights with ultra-calming CBD, a potent anti-inflammatory that helps protect and restore skin from the culprits behind most of your major skin issues.”

“Our trademarked proprietary complex, CannaroseTM, is exclusively unique to Vie En Rose. It works to enhance the skin’s natural radiance and synergizes with our natural ingredients for powerful results.”

Malea not only designed the products, but the exquisite pink packaging, reminiscent of our fearless leader, who no doubt inspired her collection! They make the perfect holiday gift for anyone who wants to turn back the clock and experience ageless beauty! 


Julia Loggins