New Year’s Cleanse

Hello 2022!! What better way to welcome the New Year than with a cleanse? Paul and Patricia Bragg’s best-seller, “Miracle of Fasting,” answers every question you may have about this ancient, sacred tradition.

For instance, did you know that digestion takes more energy than running a 5K? That’s why giving your body a break from solid food increases vibrancy and mental clarity! 

If fasting sounds intimidating, consider a day of liquid nourishment, enjoying green vegetable juices, bone and veggie broths, and even protein smoothies, if you have sensitive blood sugar. You will be amazed at how light and peaceful you will feel! Fasting dramatically increases our Vital Nerve Force, and reduces depression and anxiety. Incorporating detox rituals such as salt baths, colon cleansing, saunas and lymphatic therapy reduce or eliminate any discomfort, and boosts both your energy and your confidence in your body’s ability to heal.

“Miracle of Fasting” is now available on Amazon Audible for convenient listening. If you have any questions about fasting, or how to adapt a fast to your health and lifestyle, I’m here to answer them!


Julia Loggins