Health Consultant

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Patricia & Paul Bragg

America's Health Pioneers

Healthy lifestyle crusader Paul Bragg impacted the lives of millions through his tireless crusade to spread his messages of exercise and diet. Paul opened America's first health food store in 1912. Patricia began assisting her father in the late 1950's and together they co-authored the Bragg Health Books that have changed the lives of millions, inspiring them to live healthier, more vibrant and dynamic lives.

In addition to the books Paul wrote with Patricia, they co-hosted television and radio shows and worked together to bring wellness to the world. Paul himself loved the ocean and the outdoors, and radiated with health and a warm smile.

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Miracle Health System
  • Bragg Healthy Lifestyle
  • The Miracle of Fasting
  • Building Powerful Nerve Force & Positive Energy
  • Healthy Heart
  • Water – The Shocking Truth
  • Super Power Breathing
  • Bragg Back & Foot Fitness Program

Clint Eastwood

Academy Award Winning Film Producer, Director, Actor and Bragg follower for over 60 years

Thank you Paul and Patricia Bragg for my simple, easy to follow Healthy Lifestyle. You make my days healthy!

Marilyn Diamond

“Fit For Life” Best Seller – 40 weeks

Thanks to the ageless Bragg Health Books, they were our introduction to healthy living. We are very grateful to you and your father.

Jack LaLanne

The Godfather of Fitness®, Bragg follower to age 97

Paul Bragg saved my life at age 15 when I attended the Bragg Health Crusade in Oakland, California. I thank Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for my long, healthy, active life spreading health and fitness.

Kathy Smith

Kathy has sold millions of fitness videos

My discovery on fitness and health began shortly after I arrived in Hawaii at 19 when I discovered fitness and health pioneer Paul Bragg teaching a free exercise class 6 days a week at Waikiki Beach. Bragg inspired my future.

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