Building Powerful Nerve Force & Positive Energy: Reduce Stress, Worry & Anger

What is Nerve Force and why should you care about it? According to mental health trailblazers Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg, “nerve force” is a type of life energy stored in the nerves, muscles, organs, and brain. The more Nerve Force you have, the quicker you can re-charge it, and the healthier, happier, and more satisfying a life you will lead. If you suffer from burnout, stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia or depression, this book is for you! We know that the ability to feel joy and peace is essential to a complete experience of vitality and wellness. Our thoughts, our attitudes, our outlook, and our emotional well-being are all dependent on having a powerful “Nerve Force.” Just like any muscle that we can develop and strengthen, we can build our nerve force so that we are resilient, relaxed, and calm, even during times of stress. Paul Bragg and Patricia Bragg show you how with simple mental exercises and suggestions for specific foods that replenish your nerve force, as well as foods that deplete it, in this newly revised edition of Building Powerful Nerve Force & Positive Energy the father-daughter team explains to readers the reward of paying attention to the energy that is responsible for not only our physical capabilities and our vital body functions, but our ability to process information and feel centered and grounded, no matter what life throws at us. They teach us that maintaining a healthy Nerve Force, leads to a balanced and fruitful life.

ISBN-9780877900917, 6 x 9 inch, softcover perfect bound.


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Patricia and Paul Bragg originally wrote in a folksy, informative fashion reflective of the times when the books were first authored and published. Although the latest editions have been updated the publications continue use the charm and whimsy of the early editions' illustrations and type as reflected in the sample pages.

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Clint Eastwood

Academy Award Winning Film Producer, Director, Actor and Bragg follower for over 60 years

Thank you Paul and Patricia Bragg for my simple, easy to follow Healthy Lifestyle. You make my days healthy!

Marilyn Diamond

“Fit For Life” Best Seller – 40 weeks

Thanks to the ageless Bragg Health Books, they were our introduction to healthy living. We are very grateful to you and your father.

Jack LaLanne

The Godfather of Fitness®, Bragg follower to age 97

Paul Bragg saved my life at age 15 when I attended the Bragg Health Crusade in Oakland, California. I thank Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for my long, healthy, active life spreading health and fitness.

Kathy Smith

Kathy has sold millions of fitness videos

My discovery on fitness and health began shortly after I arrived in Hawaii at 19 when I discovered fitness and health pioneer Paul Bragg teaching a free exercise class 6 days a week at Waikiki Beach. Bragg inspired my future.